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Ashley James

An influencer, writer, blogger, DJ, presenter, and much more

Ashley James

An influencer, writer, blogger, DJ, presenter, and much more


January 2019

3 Months


UX / UI & Development

Bold, flexible and talented

Ashley James came to us, looking for a smart rebrand and a flexible WordPress blog.  Not only a highly sought-after DJ, accomplished television presenter and popular model, Ashley is also an articulate social commentator, activist and empowerment coach whose quick-wit, goofy sense of humour and authenticity have won her a legion of fans and an impressive social media following of over 346,000.

"A fashion, travel and lifestyle blog for the soul. An influencer using her platform for good; realising her responsibility to raise awareness for the causes closest to her heart."

How we Pushed it

We wanted to create a cohesive brand identity for Ashley to showcase her exciting work. The new logo was 3D printed and captured in motion, to create a dynamic, bold new identity which is utilised throughout her new site. Mirroring the client’s multi-talented persona, the site is comprised of several pages which all complement each-other, and present Ashley James in the best light, while allowing her to easily add and change blog content.

A page to house it all

Ashley James needed a page to house her multifaceted career and skills. A place to include tips, insider opinions and personal brand. We stayed close to her current brand image and ensured each part of the website reflected her unique personality with editable options for her to update as required.

Key results

Online Portfolio
Web Curriculum Vitae
Informative / Educational 
Brand & Site Launch
Public Engagement