Do Chatbots improve the customer experience?

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Using clever data collection businesses are able to gather insights into their user experience and review any resurfacing issues customers may be experiencing.

Time efficiency

Companies and smaller start-ups don’t have the time to answer every query and concern, using chatbot filters most of the easier issues and that time can be better spent elsewhere. Paired with the long waiting times that users might have to experience because agents can’t handle a huge volume of queries at once- it provides an overall improved customer experience.

IBM predicts that chatbots can help reduce 30% of customer service costs by answering 80% of routine questions and speeding up response times, thus freeing up agents to handle more difficult questions.


The flexible nature of chatbots allows them to engage with consumers on various levels. Besides being able to help with query resolution, provide technical support or guide the sales process, bots have the capacity to convey the tone and personality of your brand.

They can be funny, witty, serious, helpful, and polite — the right personality to match your brand persona can help engage your audience on a more personal and authentic level.

70% of consumers said that they would be happy to use chatbots if they could resolve issues without having to call or email (TheChatbot)

Shopify’s available chatbot plug-ins enable eCommerce brands to utilise the data available to them to deliver personalised, fast resolutions to potential customers.

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