How much is a new website?

1 hour ago, by Vitamin Commerce

Want an estimate for your new website from Shopify and WordPress experts? Unsure of your budget and need some help on what package suits your needs? Well, we understand. We had hundreds of clients navigating the unsure waters of pricing for their websites so we felt it was only natural to find a solution. A Quick Quote Calculator.

Designed with simple and low-cost websites in mind we wanted our free Quick Quote calculator to take the stress out of pricing. To simplify the process the questions we ask are tailored to your website needs such as branding for small to medium-sized businesses and eCommerce packaging to suit all. The quoted price is based on your answers and is a guide to help you understand our pricing. 

Why does the price vary so much?

Squarespace has templates for £20 a month! And the likes of Airbnb or Farfetch has designed a custom-extravaganza-build for £30 million-plus…  The two extremes of the spectrum but template vs custom are the foundation of our pricing.

Are you following?

Templated websites are significantly less expensive than custom-built ones. Using a template means that most of the website coding is in place within a theme so the page could be launched in a matter of weeks. However, as it is a pre-selected themed template you are limited in your design options and user experience capabilities. This can result in similar user experiences as other websites, but don’t worry, we can still achieve a look and feel that matches your brand aesthetic, ensuring no two websites we build look the same. There are thousands of popular themes we use as a foundation to design and build a beautiful website for your needs.

Custom-built websites are more expensive than the theme approach, but really there is no limitation with a custom-designed and built website, only your imagination. UI and UX design and your website’s functionality is fully flexible allowing any ideas to fly. A custom approach project can take longer, as every user journey,  experience and interaction are refined through the UX and UI design process before building everything from scratch in the development phase, but the end product will be fully tailored to your customer and brand.

With our understanding of the design and website development process from years of experience working with a variety of clients from a range of industries, we created this quick quote tool for project price guidance. We selected 7 easy questions on branding, pages and functionalities so you can see what your website’s budget might be.

So to answer- how much is a new website?

You can find out for yourself!

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