Klaviyo x Shopify — A New Era of Email Marketing

Klaviyo and Shopify have announced a new strategic partnership, bringing enhanced features and functionality to your business.

Aiming to empower brands of all sizes to own their data and customer relationships at every step of the journey, the union will bring enhanced functionality to Shopify Plus customers.

The next era of ecommerce will be marked by a continued shift toward consumer privacy and the forming of strong digital relationships. – Klaviyo

Klaviyo are renowned as one of the best platforms for email marketing, driving impactful campaigns through clear segmentation and automation (targeting narrow groups of customers and sending emails triggered by certain interactions). Structuring your messaging around these benchmarks allows you to send content that is more relevant and therefore more interesting, and re-engage customers to drive conversions.

As part of the Shopify ecosystem since 2017, Klaviyo have already been working closely with hundreds of thousands of Shopify merchants for years. This new partnership will see Klaviyo as the recommended email solution partner, receiving early access to new Shopify development features.

What does this mean for your business? Great question.

With increased customer expectations the new partnership will enable Shopify merchants to deliver an omni-channel customer-friendly experience. New customer insights, data, behaviours and developments will enable Shopify merchants in an unprecedented upward trajectory.

As one of the best in the biz for email solutions, you can imagine we are very excited about this partnership!

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