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Lara Intimates

Sustainable Intimates

Lara Intimates

Lara Intimates

Sustainable Intimates


June 2019

3 Months


UX / UI Development
Scalability Advice
App Integration

Sustainable Intimates

Lara Intimates offers the widest size range of non-wired, eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable bras in the world. Lara Intimates is a women’s underwear brand with environmental sustainability, local production and inclusivity at the heart of what they do since 2017. 

"Say it with us: environmentally responsible, pretty, and size inclusive. It's real. Lara Intimates."

How we Pushed it

Following their motto that women deserved better from design to delivery. Our mission was to create a page that celebrated women and all bra-wearers. We wanted to showcase their products that fit and flatter and champion everyone that believes in a sustainable fashion future. From bra size calculators, to product pages for various sizes we created an informative and empowering site.

Inclusive fashion

Lara Intimates offers the widest size range of non-wired, eco-friendly bras in the world. Their size range includes 26-40, A-J and briefs for sizes 6-22. That’s 100 sizes! Inclusivity is really important to us at Little Vitamin because we can only make a positive environmental impact if the people and brands we work with feel the same. 

Key results

Grow Traffic
Increase Conversion
Customer Satisfaction
Brand Recognition
Improved Site Speed