Little Vitamin all grown up.

2 weeks ago, by Vitamin Commerce

Founded on the principles of building cost -

Effective brands and websites for clients that are just starting out, Little Vitamin’s 5 years in existence have passed in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, we’ve been building value for clients, learning and growing in knowledge and experience alongside our fantastic list of clients. Now with an established team and over 300 websites launched under our collaborative belts, we are increasingly solving more complex commerce challenges. 

We have grown with the opportunities we have faced, and so we’re revealing our new identity as Vitamin Commerce.

You’ve got a new name, so what?

Little Vitamin just needed to grow up. Our old name fitted like a school uniform on a graduate- itchy and the sleeves stopped at our elbow. The lilliputian name didn’t feel right as we expanded our expertise. 

We’re still offering the same level of great service but with a new name to better represent our focus on commerce solutions. 

Multivitamin Group has already undertaken a rebrand of our growing family of studios. Each studio has its own character and specialist area, but our ethos and core brand values are consistent throughout. This extended network of specialists in their own fields come together as collaborators in innovation.
Vitamin Commerce opens a new trajectory for your brand, with a metamorphosis of our specialities and focus. As we know, change is uncomfortable but it is also exciting and essential for progress. With the change, Ideas can flourish, Ambitions can grow and Solutions are found. We will be focussing only on Shopify and Shopify Plus because it quite simply is the best and most comprehensive platform on the market.

The natural evolution has worked itself into the fibres of our latest work whilst we’ve been living and breathing commerce, the new name reflects where we have arrived in 2021.

We are now providing the infrastructure, support and commerce experience to our clients, making this a truly exciting evolution in the Multivitamin Group’s offering.

We’ll continue to Push the Possible in everything we do.

But fear not, we’ll still create sleek, simple, effective websites.

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