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2018 has seen a huge variety of clients come through our doors and we have welcomed every single one of them with open, supportive and creative arms.
We strive to offer our vast array of brands the care and attention that we would want to receive ourselves should we be pouring our energy and finances into a new business venture for the first time.

This though, is easier said that done.

We have enthusiastically dealt with it all, from wacky fashion brands (Rose Collective) where our creative minds are let loose, to seriously high end furniture manufacturer and retailer Dorma Home who are expanding at a rate of knots.

We’ve had almost 2 projects start for every week of the year and it has had it’s challenges, but mostly hugely successful and we’ve managed to keep our heads above water for the vast majority of the year.
Gratifyingly we’ve received some top notch testimonials from our clients for our transparency and relentless hardwork we’ve been putting in.

We said goodbye to a long standing member of the team, Jeff, and welcomed our first Dedicated Project Manager Manuel. He has been a rock, and like glue kept everything together while dealing with some tricky clients.
We also welcomed Oriane to the team as our wonderful UX/UI designer. She has immersed her self immediately in the team and culture, bringing her own spirit and sense of humour, as well as her excellent flare for design.

The development team in Sofia have also been bringing it. We have Kaloian to thank for the consistency and management of the projects on that their side. He has stepped up and has been rewarded with a promotion to Team Leader. He’s been assisting with recruitment, on boarding of staff and has been invaluable over the last year for his determination and team spirit.

We are looking forwards to the new year, which will bring with it new challenges and new faces, and we’re excited to help new brand online and launch their businesses. Little Vitamin’s opportunities continue to grow and an exciting project next year will have a global outreach for the business as a whole.

Watch out for a new Little Vitamin Brand being rolled out, and a website to match. Exciting times ahead.


Тhis year went very fast. There were many changes with the Little Vitamin. Some good, some bad but let’s hope for a better future in the next year. We changed the office to Puzzl coworking space. We lost some very good friends from the team. We had some new recruitments but some of them didn’t last long. I became a team leader. But I hope that during the new year we will find more capable and good people to extend the Bulgarian team. That way we can create one solid team which can do everything. I wish you all the best. A lot of unforgettable moments during the holidays and a lot of smiles. Also, we wish Manuel all the best at the new position in Amsterdam next year. We will miss you.


Here is my yearly 2monthly update:
I only lived 1/6 of the year at Vitamin but feel like I already took part in essential moments and activities, so I’m prepared to witness a lot more this following year. I also got to learn some special particularities about my colleagues, so here are a few of them that I documented in pictures.

I was also part of a amazing Christmas party and celebrated / mourned Peter’s leaving. All of that to say that although I was not here long, I have already plenty great memories with everyone. Thanks to this amazing team for being so fun, including, supporting. I am learning a lot and am looking forward to the next year to create new moments, work on new projects together, and meeting the Multivitamin group!

Ps: this is what happen when you leave your phone alone at the office. If that’s the worst that happens, I think I will be ok!

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