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Melt Room

SAY CHEESE! The grilled cheese sandwich goes gourmet

Melt Room

SAY CHEESE! The grilled cheese sandwich goes gourmet


January 2018

2 Months


UX / UI & Development
Platform Consultation
Print Collateral

The grilled cheese sandwich goes gourmet​

When the Melt Room founder left the bright lights of NYC for London he missed just one thing, a true melt. He trawled the streets looking for somewhere to get his favourite food. Un-brie-lievably he couldn’t find anything that satisfied his craving. He knew there was only one option, and so Melt Room was born.

“Starting a business is a big deal, and there are a lot of moving parts. But when working with Little Vitamin I found that the design, branding and website work was so simple with incredible results. I now have a brand I can build on for the future and something that fits with our ethos.”

How we Pushed it

The classic cheese melt recipe is epic. So the Melt Room page, despite being classic had to be epic. The page showcases the finest quality ingredients from artisan bread locally sourced cheese and fresh juices to accompany heaven. The Melt Room website presents the menu and is ready to satisfy the grilled cheese needs of Soho with an order now feature.

Cheese like never before

As a company with people passionate for food, we felt the importance to present the menu, ingredients and personal story of Melt Room, from NYC to LDN.

Key results

Maximise Exposure
Inform & Teach
Customer Connection 
Brand Recognition 
Online Presence