New Shopify Editions: 100+ Product Releases!

The semi-annual product showcase will feature new launches and improvements across the entire platform. The latest 2022 Summer Edition, has ushered in an era of commerce that’s more expansive than ever — and they’ve dubbed it Connect-to-Consumer (C2C). Catchy?

Having been a pioneer in the D2C industry Shopify is now giving new pathways for brands to build their businesses with over 100+ updates across online storefronts, offline experiences, Web3, social commerce, checkout, and more.

“We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for entrepreneurs"- Tobi Lütke, Founder & CEO of Shopify

Some of the latest updates include B2B options, Tokengated commerce, Twitter Shopping, Tap to Pay on iPhone in the US, Local Inventory on Google and custom codes with Shopify Functions.

Functions like Twitter shopping will see merchants reaching consumers directly through social media whilst Tokengated commerce will open a new world of commerce with NFTs as a form of currency to unlock exciting experiences.

We believe this is a truly revolutionary approach to ecommerce and we’re excited to see the new direction Shopify will bring with C2C.

To discover more about the bi-annual Shopify release click here.

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