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The Salt Group

Sleek design translated.

The Salt Group

Sleek design translated.


February 2019

3 Months


UX / UI Development
Platform Consultation

Sleek design translated

The Salt Group finds unlikely properties and refurbishes them into unrecognisably sleek homes, with vision and design leading their transformative process. They came to us to bring this style and consideration for detail into their web presence. The Salt Group’s new WordPress site is now the perfect showcase for their stunning portfolio of design, clarifying for the user what The Salt Group is all about, and how to contact them.

"Bringing The Salt Group's style and consideration for detail into their web presence."

How we Pushed it

We crafted The Salt Group’s brand to represent their own sleek designs, and evoke visions of architecture and blueprints in development. From animated headings to parallax photography, every project page is as unique as the projects themselves.

More than a portfolio

The Salt Group’s new site is more than a portfolio. A showcase of The Salt Group’s transformations, this site provides prospective clients with all of the detail they could need to make a decision, while the clean presentation exemplifies The Salt Group’s approach to their designs.

Key results

Grow Traffic
Showroom Experience
Digital Transformation
Customer Education
Clientele Satisfaction