What makes a good subscription flow?

Giving the customers more control over the frequency and billing of their subscription increases the chances they’ll actually subscribe to your products and remain subscribed! Acquiring a new customer is on averagely 5 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Specifically, with subscriptions, the Life Time Value becomes an essential measure of success and allows you to reduce operational costs with scale too. If you don’t provide them with convenience and ease, your competitor will. Giving subscribers more flexibility will result in a trusting bond with your band as in most instances they trust your business and remain loyal.

Regardless of how beautifully presented your box is, nor the witty copy the brand has, it’s important to understand customers’ expectations from your store. This depends on your product naturally, so if you offer products with lots of options such as lipsticks for different skin tones, flowers or flavoured coffees, avoid distracting customers from their journey to the checkout with an overly complex subscription flow. Simply give them a quick option to subscribe and choose their billing plan. Knowing they can change their billing date or schedule to what suits them will ensure customers feel safe buying from your brand for the first time. Likewise, if you’re selling something with fewer options such as books, plants or perfumes customers may want to see some other options and variations to their subscription flow.

To create a successful subscription widget there is a list of common elements and components that customers expect to see. We’ve listed them out for you:

1. One time or subscribe

Depending on your business products, you should offer both the options for a single purchase or subscription purchase so customers can decide if they’d like to become long-term subscribers in the future.

2. Discount for subscribing

Offer an immediate discount such as 10% off for choosing to subscribe and join with your brand. This can help turn one-time customers who are shopping around into long-term loyal subscribers.

3. Subscription frequency

Allow the customer to choose how many days, weeks, or months there are between each order to suit their needs and lifestyle. Having more freedom around frequency means they are less likely to cancel.

4. Quantity

Give customers the option to order multiple quantities of the same product. Some may go through more than a packet of the product in their subscription frequency or even prefer being stocked up.

5. Gift Subscriptions

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