The convenience of eCommerce

Consumers have become accustomed to convenience as an experience in itself. Easy access to films, TV, music on-demand, fast transportation, and food deliveries are all expected to be available as needed without delay. A resounding 94% of shoppers selected keywords such as ‘convenience’ and ‘ease of use’ as one of these as their reason for shopping with D2C brands.

From the first user touch-point on a social media platform to a direct click-through to a product page, customers expect ease. 60% of global customers expect same or next day delivery from brands and aren’t concerned to turn to your competitors in cases of delays.

In the last year alone, 32% of shoppers globally abandoned baskets due to long shipping times.

Ulta Beauty in the US got creative with a Doordash partnership to bring beauty products to consumers the very same day. In the UK with Amazon Prime and Uber Eats, the pandemic accelerated the need for instant delivery and gratification. Bloom and Wild have capitalised on consumers’ need for easy delivery and provide ‘post-box’ bouquets in the UK with the option to mail directly to the recipient with a note and avoid any customer action altogether.

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