The inStore Experience

Ecommerce dominated the UK market in 2019- 2020 during the pandemic thus only brick & mortar stores fell behind.

Companies were forced to reimagine how consumers interact with their brands — and create bold, exclusive, social-first customer experiences that drive online sales.

However physical brick and mortar stores aren’t as outdated as some may believe. Brands should now be building store-based experiences as an extension of their online store, online cult community and existing reputation. These physical stores are more of an accompaniment to your online microcosm. Stores of the future will be an omnichannel experience fusing the physical and digital spheres.

Retail stores provide consumers with the reinforcement of why they shop with brands. They are a chance to try on clothes and order online at a later date or a selfie opportunity to associate with the brand and its trends. Retail stores are now part of omnichannel commerce. In fact, 53% of shoppers said they are likely to look at products in-store and order later online. And vice versa 54% of customers research products online before purchasing through a retail store.

Essentially stores will have to be more than a stock-room, as consumers will turn to online stores for simple no-frills shopping. Stores will be there to create a unique physical experience for consumers to connect with consumers.

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