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Van Loon Sport

Sleek, effortless style for skiwear.

Van Loon Sport

Sleek, effortless style for skiwear.


October 2019

3 Months


UX / UI Development


Growth Consultation 


Branded Merchandise

Combining urban and mountain cultures

Van Loon Sport combines the best of urban and mountain cultures to create a contemporary ski brand, committed to unparalleled quality and performance. Van Loon’s collection will continue to grow with each season, hence their need for a scalable, sleek website that reflects the effortless style of their exceptional products and brand. 

"It is our no compromise commitment that gives you complete peace of mind when you’re on the mountain."

How we pushed it

Having created a bespoke brand identity around redaction of legacy and an outlook for the future, we continued the client’s progressive attitude into a set of animated photography shoots and bold image treatments. Together, these have all served to make Van Loon’s brand a distinctive mark of character, receiving great feedback from his frequent shop appearances throughout the ski seasons.

Where it started vs how it's going.

The epitome of a full-service project, we guided Van Loon Sport from their initial growth consultation, through the conception of a contemporary brand and site that oozes urban modernity. The brand was so successful that Van Loon even sells branded merchandise that was created in collaboration with Vitamin, including pins and hats for which we created stylish custom animations. 

Key results

Online Presence
Increase Exposure
Market Establishment
Brand & Website Launch
Branded Merchandise