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3 years ago, by Little Vitamin


I joined the Vitamin team exactly one year, one month and 21 days ago, running away from the corporate and highly structured environment of my previous job. I was looking for an exciting and fast-paced company where I was closer to the client, where I could have a full overview of the operation and where I could truly make a difference.
I remember the first time I went to the studio for an interview; it had recently flooded and it smelled terrible. I met the team, showed Jacob “the most creative thing I had ever done” and the rest is history!

Our industry allows us to face new challenges every day, keeps us on our toes and is flexible enough to let us explore new and innovative ways of doing what we do. Things move fast at Vitamin, and 2018 has been a year full of achievements. Jeff, who showed me everything I know about Shopify, left the team in August; but Oriane is doing an excellent job filling his shoes. Piotr, who was always there to answer the toughest questions, left us last month; but Louis has put together an army of developers capable of building anything you throw at them. Little Vitamin has been working hard to grow the team in Bulgaria, which has given Kaloian the opportunity to step up as Team Leader. And let’s not forget about Vitamin Cornwall, who became part of the family earlier this year and brought 30 years of experience with them!

This brings me on to Vitamin Amsterdam, which will be our 5th location starting in 2019. As some of you may know, we travelled to The Netherlands last week to meet with a few people (accountants, banks, office spaces, etc.) and to visit both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Both cities were excellent and offered unique opportunities, but we have agreed that Amsterdam is the best option for us. I will be moving over there by June and will continue to offer the Little Vitamin product, but this opens a whole new channel for the Multivitamin group. To say that this is exciting is an understatement.

We are in constant evolution, and it’s Vitamin’s talent, drive and passion that allows us to continue developing and delivering a product that makes our clients happy every single time. So for 2019, keep pushing the possible, don’t take no for an answer and always look for ways to get better at what you do.


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