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I asked the team to answer some questions about the year:

My highlight of 2018 was…
John: Collaboration on the Christmas campaign. As a team we all pulled together our skills and experience to create a cross media great campaign. It’s had a lot of positive feedback and the perfect departure from the Creative Edge days, embracing a new exciting intention and direction.
Sam: Red Dead Redemption (KW I’ve interpreted this on Sam’s behalf due the comment: “I wish I was at home being a cowboy.”)
Dan: Going along to and meeting Michael Palin at his book signing & lecture evening in regards to his new book ‘Erebus’. Buying a house, for under half of its market value, astonishing a local estate agent and a legal advisor. Dan wins! Performing the first gig with my new band to a sellout crowd at a local venue. Becoming part of an ambitious company and progressive team.
Jon: This has to be getting married in July (or there will be trouble).
Suzanne: My children’s achievements!
Kathryn: Visiting Iceland (the country, not the shop) and discovering Mikeller beer, and coming 4th in a CrossFit competition, and being proud of my kids’ achievements.

My favourite piece of work in 2018 (for CE / VC) was…
John: The most enjoyment I had out of a piece of work being produced had to be seeing Jon and Sam creating the giant sprout. I want to say a client project but the sprouts took our creativity and collective vision to a new place.
Sam: ESAM / Sprout Game Graphics & Logo
Dan: It has to be either Foresters’ Forest earlier in the year, or the production of the Sprout Breakout game just recently. FF was a good piece of work as it incorporated a number of functionalities and the end result looks superb and works as intended. The Breakout game was a good piece of [unpaid] promotional work, as it took me into unchartered waters of game development and made me understand and respect what it must’ve been like to create games years ago when all devs had was Assembler code for a chipset, and perhaps 2kb of memory to play with. Respect.
Jon: Would have been Wheelbase if the Dev hadn’t screwed it… so it has to be Granite xs branding
Suzanne: Ah tricky – Rose Court.
Kathryn: Probably keeping Asana projects in rainbow order, and doing ‘the social’ for Sprout Breakout.

Pick three words to describe the year…
John: Surprising. Exciting. Patience.
Sam: Challenging. Transitional. Interesting.
Dan: Change. There’s been lots of change this year what with CE becoming VC and change of management and processes. Learn. I’ve been having fun learning all sorts; refining Illustrator skills, ES6, game development mechanics, motion physics & maths, etc. Hope. Can’t help but feel slight disappointment with the state of sociopolitics in the world in 2018. I however hold an immeasurable supply of hope for the years head for positive humanistic change for the better.
Jon: Eventful… Challenging… and Exciting!
Suzanne: Surprising, challenging , interesting
Kathryn: Intense. Revivifying. Unexpected.

My single biggest time waster this year was…
John: Feeding 250 pieces of twine into 250 origami sprouts
Sam: Redacted
Dan: Wheelbase Alloys desktop and mobile redevelopment. Hours spent authoring and building dozens of templates and pages which have yet not seen the light of day.
Jon: Making soooooo many origami sprouts
Suzanne: having to transfer the invoices from the old system to Xero luckily only for the first 4 months of the year.
Kathryn: INSTA-F**KIN-GRAM. I literally could have read War and Peace 10 times over instead this year. What am I doing with my life?

Next year I’m going to…
John: Meditate more.
Sam: Learn animation, go back to New York, make more music.
Dan: Personal: Sail through the Northwest Passage of the Canadian Arctic as part of a 12 day expedition. Work: Help VC become a prominent and exciting South-West industry leader in the digital and design sectors.
Jon: Learn to animate, move house and maybe get a big bad ass Harley.
Suzanne: Who knows but can’t wait to find out!
Kathryn: Buy a new house, go to the Greek Islands, finish my yoga teacher training, hit a 50kg snatch, 75kg clean and jerk and 100kg deadlift, and maybe do some work in between.

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