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Ruffling Feathers in the Down Jacket Industry


A global leader of down jacket


August 2022

3 months


UI / UX Design
Custom Theme Development
Shopify eCommerce

A Global Leader

Bosideng are the leading down clothing company in China, devoted to immaculate research, design and production.

Over the past 46 years, Bosideng have been committed to the innovation of down quality, fabric, technology and style, with every jacket passing through at least 150 production steps. They are renowned for their cold-proof performance, and tasked us with creating a site for their launch to the British public. 


As Light As A Feather

The quality of Bosideng garments are their crowning USP, reflected in an interface that strips back unnecessary design elements for the creation of a minimal and efficient experience. Taking inspiration from the extreme cold temperatures that the garments are designed for and the laboratory aesthetic established in their brand presence, the UI system adopts a clean and modern aesthetic. All UI elements are created around a flexible module structure, improving the life-span of the eCommerce site and allowing future assets to easily slot in to the interface. 

Temperature Rating Index

One key element within our design is the Temperature Rating Index, a tool that allows customers to evaluate which garment best suits their climate and needs. Within this, each down jacket is categorised under one of the four weather categories. Users can then choose from jackets designed for everyday wear, to life-saving jackets designed for extreme conditions. In their flagship London store, a ‘Snow Room Experience’ compliments this feature, allowing customers to test out the warmth of the jackets in person.

Advanced Filtering

With a large collection of clothing to suit variable needs, an advanced filtering system was another addition that felt necessary to the site. Finding the right garment should be as simple as possible and through using this system customers are able to categorise content on garment features, filling powers and other qualities.

A Feather In Our Cap

As a brand rich in heritage, Bosideng have devoted themselves to creating garments of the highest quality. This seamless reputation is now reflected on their digital platform, giving them the best possible start in a new marketplace.

Key results

Flexible Content Management
Bulk Product Purchasing
Custom Development