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A little box that does big things


A little box that does big things


October 2019

4 Months


UX / UI  Development
Subscription Service
Box-builder flow

Rethinking the subscription journey to improve the user experience

Fempowered is a sustainable, monthly period products subscription service that’s all about female empowerment. 100% of their profits go to WaterAid, supporting women and girls around the world to have their periods safely and with dignity. With their new ReCharge integrated site, WaterAid benefits from regular, scheduled donations in exchange for a valuable product.

"288 million people are menstruating right now. And 1 in 4 of them (that's about 72 million) don't have access to anywhere clean and safe to manage their period. Let's change this. By subscribing to Fempowered, you're supporting women everywhere to live their lives without limits. Period."

How we Pushed it

Fempowered came to us with a beautiful brand, which we were able to elevate when applying it to the user interface. For example, we created a floating spots animation using their brand colours and shapes, which was utilised in background sections throughout the site. The bespoke subscription journey and box-builder was transformed through working closely with our partners at ReCharge. Customers are now able to add more than one box to their basket, which dramatically increases Fempowered’s potential sales.

How a website empowers women

A cause close to our hearts, we were honoured to work for such a worthy client as WaterAid. Complex functionalities including a build-a-box flow and multiple subscriptions were optimised by our talented developers. This combined with a intuitive user interface resulted in a user journey that allows Fempowered to collect more donations than ever. 

Key results

Brand Awareness
Customer Connection
Sales Acceleration
Enhanced UX
Increased Exposure