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Highlighting fine materials with simplistic design.


Highlighting fine materials with simplistic design.


October 2018

3 Months


UX / UI Development 
Functionality Advice
Growth Consultation

Highlighting fine materials with simplistic design

Charli was founded in 2008 with the mission of creating beautiful knitwear from materials that are luxurious and sustainable. Their materials are of the finest quality, allowing their garments to value simplicity in design. 

“Really thrilled at the results - my project was turned around really fast. Fantastic attention to detail and technical expertise. Would definitely like to continue working together on an ongoing basis.”

How we pushed it

We carried Charli’s aesthetic of simplicity and clean lines into the UX/UI designs, allowing the beautiful garments and materials to speak for themselves. We utilised the textures associated with knitwear as a mechanism tying the site together, with the addition of striped patterns and knitted visual lines behind text. 

Our ongoing relationship

At Little Vitamin, we value sustainability and are proud to work with brands with values in line with ours. We continue to work with Charli as they release new collections, each as stunning as the last.

Key results

Grow Traffic
Increase Sales
Decrease Cart Dropouts
Maximise Brand Exposure
Customer Relations