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Dr Vegan

A sustainable solution to better your health

Dr Vegan

A sustainable solution to better your health


March 2020

5 Months


UX / UI  Development
Subscription Service
Box-builder flow

Naturally sourced supplement for everyone

DR.VEGAN was set up on the simple idea that people don’t just become Vegan overnight.

There is a range of nutritional needs that come as a result of different diets and this is where Dr. Vegan’s idea was born. Ethical supplements catered to your body and dietary needs for a better you & a better planet.

"Very professional team of designers and developers with intimate knowledge of Shopify and capability to build bespoke requirements. They're willing to push the boundaries and learn themselves without compromising high standards."

How we Pushed it

Learning about how your body works and the nutritions that empower your body can be intimating. We wanted to remove that barrier by designing an accessible and easy website. The information and key elements were arranged and presented structurally to ensure user experiences are seamless. To further our aim of simplicity we also designed infographics to present complicated information in a simple way. No mess, the easy way.

A revolutionary action to change the industry

Dr Vegan is a revolution of its industry. On top of Shopify’s functionalities, we were able to add a custom subscription flow, which allows users to understand their body type to subscribe to the right supplement. By collaborating with Dr Vegan, we were able to share wide spread information about veganism and its properties in health, to aid customers in learning more about their health.

Key results

Accelerate Sales
Maximise Conversion
Customer Engagement
Customer Education
Increase Average Order Value