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UK’s race winning bicycle brand


UK's race winning bicycle brand


February 2020

4 Months


UX / UI Development
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High quality racing bikes that push the boundaries

Saracen is a race-winning bicycle brand that dedicate themselves to every detail of the bike. They not only care about the performance of their product, but also the cycle enthusiasts and the sport itself. Saracen is constantly challenging themselves to provide bikes that make the cyclists enjoy every minute they spend on them.

"From one of the world’s first mountain bikes, to one of the fastest, pushing the boundaries is what we do best. We’re backing these bikes and want every rider to have a massive grin whether you’re ripping a berm, hitting that kicker just right or – very occasionally – powering up a climb too. That’s how we all fell in love with riding bikes and not much has changed since. See you on the trails."

How we Pushed it

As Saracen paid incredible attention to details, we did the same. We focused on providing easy navigation for the customers to find all the information they needed for various bike specifications. For the website, we designed an efficient way to organise specifications, from bike usages, geometries to the individual size guides in a custom side navigation bar. Every piece of information was included to ensure bike enthusiasts could start their adventures as smoothly as possible. 

Hit that kicker now!

Saracen is a unique eCommerce store for cycle specialists. To share the love and passion of the sport, the website was designed to make the shopping journey as transparent as possible for the customers. The journey permits them to browse and search for any specific models with the custom side navigation bar. A real smooth ride.

Key results

Accelerate Sales
Maximise Conversion
Customer Engagement
Customer Education
Increase Average Order Value