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Natural fragrances that stand out


Natural fragrances that stand out

Brand Awareness
Customer Connection
Sales Acceleration
Enhanced UX
Increased Exposure


July 2020

3 Months


UX / UI Development
Subscription E-commerce
Data Capturing
Scalability Advise

Rethinking the subscription journey to improve the user experience

Drift began as an alternative to all of the tacky air care products on the market. Their products are designed to blend in, with amazing scents that stand out. Free from the traditional chemicals used in the fragrance industry with a simple core ethos.

"We're always looking for the new and exciting, the new and the golden. We never skimp on quality of our scents or the products that deliver them. our design ethos is simple but effective. We love our community, those who won’t settle for ordinary, and we want to deliver a best in class experience."

How we Pushed it

We pushed the limits of Shopify and our eCommerce page to improve user’s experience and create a subscription flow that felt smooth and intuitive. Users can now build their own subscription scent box for home, car or for a gift, selecting their preferred scents. From earthy, fresh to rich. We also focused attentively on their brand identity and stayed true to their classic identity using tonal colours and classic fonts.  

As fresh as it can be

We thoroughly enjoyed working on such as classical store and focusing on creating a customisable subscription flow for users. 

Key results

Increase Average Order Value
Sales Acceleration
User Friendly Flow
Customer Satisfaction
Enhanced UX