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A transformation of visual identity


A transformation of visual identity


January 2020

4 Months


UX / UI Development
App Integration
3D Renders

Using 3D modelling for a full immersion into the UI world

When Toucan first approached us they were known as Push Scooters. We transformed this client with a new brand connoting freedom, adventure and vibrant colours: Toucan was born. With Toucan’s stunning new visual identity, we began work on a UI. We proposed 3D modelling of the scooters in order to show-off every detail of their scooters and new look in the best possible light. We then employed the stunning result throughout the sleek UI, taking advantage of the 360 renders in the product page.

‘It was such a pleasure working with the team. The UI is brilliant, very thought through and has a great flow.’

How we Pushed it

Toucan’s Product Page and the Homepage were fully customised to ensure that we were telling Toucan’s story throughout the users’ journey. Animations, colours, CTAs… everything was tied to Toucan’s identity of freedom and flight. The product pages are each differentiated based on the scooters’ styles, telling their individual stories through a narrative journey.

An impactful eCommerce, with an intuitive journey

Working on Toucan utilised our varied expertise cross-studios. From the conceived brand identity, 3D renders, to the Little Vitamin designed website. This project has been a team effort to create a brand that was truly unique and a website that could faithfully translate Toucan’s adventurous story and identity to their users. Their beautiful, custom-made renders and sleek interaction animations bring the brand and pages to life for customers to take on the world at full speed.

Key results

Identity Refresh
Brand Launch
Sales Conversion
Market Establishment
Customer Connection