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The leading brand in vegan and ethical pet care


The leading brand in vegan and ethical pet care


January 2020

5 Months


UX / UI Development
Subscription Service
Subscription flow
Data Capturing
Wholesale Prices
Rewards System

The pawfect way to subscribe and save

Hownd is a market leader in ethical pet care, specialising in vegan products for every dog.  Their beautifully friendly brand lent itself well to a personable “quiz” that aims to get to know their true audience; the dogs. Starting with “what is your dog’s breed?”, the flow ends with the user signing up for a subscription that is unique for them.

'We are HOWND - A cruelty-free planet kind brand for dogs. Since day one, when we made our first grooming products, we have been powered by plants, not animals. Driven by ethics, not profits."

How we Pushed it

As well as a custom subscription flow, Hownd needed a site that had the ability to show different prices to different user types; consumers and wholesalers, while educating all users on ethical pet care in their wonderfully friendly persona. We integrated with Bold to allow for this additional functionality so that one site can cater to two target audiences seamlessly.

Man's best friend

Hownd is not your average eCommerce store. On top of Shopify’s functionalities, we were able to add a custom subscription flow, ReCharge recurring billing, wholesale prices which are only visible to some users, and a points and reward system! It was a great opportunity to flex our eCommerce muscles and provide a user experience that really gives the customer everything they could need to give their pet the best ethical care they can get.

Key results

Accelerate Sales
Maximise Conversion
Customer Engagement
Customer Education
Increase Average Order Value