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Mama Brown

Making parenting work playful

Mama Brown

Making parenting work playful


June 2019

3 Months


UX / UI Development
Functionality Optimisation 
Growth Consultation

Making parenting fun again

Mama Brown & Co was designed by mum of 2 Kat Brown as a heaven for parents. To find the balance between work and play, a crucial necessity for children’s learning and development, and for parents wellbeing.

"Mama Brown & Co is your permission to have more fun as a parent. Come on in to play, get creative, and free the big kid inside – no matter how tired you are!"

How we Pushed it

Mama Brown & Co was created to be the online magazine, marketplace and network to provide relief and connection for parents who want more fun from parenthood. Their new Shopify site allows Mama Brown to serve as a blog that comforts parents with tips and case studies, as well as a marketplace that brings together Mama Brown & Co’s carefully curated brands and independent sellers. Uniting parents and children with unique ideas and seamless pages.

Making playful parenting work

Parenthood is unique, and Mama Brown & Co strikes the incredible balance of overcoming challenges through fun. The latest webpage has enabled parents to casually scroll and find solace, ideas and inspiration through the simple navigation bars filled to the brim with information.

Key results

Improve Traffic
Customer Connection
Business Scaling