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Pili & Kiki

Classically simple luxury swimwear for blissful summers

Pili & Kiki

Classically simple luxury swimwear for blissful summers


July 2017

2 Months


UX / UI & Development 
Device Responsiveness

Translating client ideas to build a strong, consistent brand

Pili & Kiki approached us with their idea to build a bikini brand. They knew what they wanted stylistically and aesthetically, but needed our support to bring that vision to life. And we did just that. Drawing inspiration from blissful summers and picturesque oceans.

"Little Vitamin are amazing and helped me launch my dream"

How we Pushed it

We made the process easier for the client as they are now able to manage product information online autonomously, while processing day to day sales. The inclusion of a straightforward back-end permits the client to evolve her site and her brand with each new swimwear collection.

Users are able to sign up and purchase products while staying up to date on their latest news through integrated updates. We ensured that the website was a true representation of the brand’s look and feel drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean aesthetic and beachy scenes.

From a vision to reality

Bryony Deery’s collection is both stylish, yet classically simple. Using this aesthetic we remained true to the detail and created a user interface with beach colours including ‘rich gold’ and ‘silver sage’. We also worked to ensure the textures and typographic choices reflected the warmth of the coast. 

Key results

Sales Acceleration
Brand Awareness
Digital Platform
Maximised Browsing
Customer Engagement