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A touch of sustainable luxury for healthcare workers


Sustainable luxury


December 2021

8 months


UI / UX Design
Custom Development
Shopify Plus eCommerce

A touch of sustainable luxury for healthcare workers

Welles set out to make a difference to the healthcare industry by providing comfortable, unique scrubs that also have a positive environmental impact. With products using state of the art fabric derived from plastic bottles – their aim is to marry the durability of synthetic materials with an earth friendly impact on nature. They approached us to partner with them on the project, helping create a strong brand narrative and eCommerce experience that reflected the items they were selling.

Our approach for the brand narrative was formed around two pillars - Science and Design. These elements are what make Welles special and stand as the backbone to their business - they come hand in hand and throughout the site one isn’t emphasised without the other.

How we Pushed it

We knew we needed to carefully map out the customer journey on the site and understand their purchasing behaviour. The design was approached with a clean and simple aesthetic to make the shopping experience easy, allowing space to showcase the scrubs but also make it straightforward for their target demographic to shop efficiently (As healthcare workers are notoriously short on time). 

Highlighting technology with touch

To highlight the science underpinning Welles’ unique product range, we crafted a dedicated site experience that outlines their unique fabric technology. The Terral-X page was a collaboration with a 3D artist, where the interface uses scroll integration to immerse the user in a visual experience as they move down the page. This helps to give users the sense of touch throughout. 

Bringing sustainability to life

A major foundational element of the Welles site is sustainability, embedded into their garments and part of their core values. The sustainability page needed to emphasise this, so we created a page that clearly laid out the information and drew the user in with full screen images, helping tell the brand story in a visually engaging format.

Customising a frictionless flow

With customers who have particular characteristics and needs, we knew we needed to carefully map out their journey on the site and understand their purchasing behaviour. The resulting Teams Order functionality was custom made for Welles within Shopify, making it easier to bulk order scrubs for entire teams.

One plastic bottle at a time

Welles is a company we are proud to have worked with,  both with an evident benefit to society and a sustainability focus that aligns with our own. This project was a truly collaborative working relationship, helping to bring a custom, easy-to-use site to life. 

Key results

Flexible Content Management
Bulk Product Purchasing
Custom Development